Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Ramblings

As the age-old question goes: would you go for the one you love or for the one who loves you?

In my case, its more like would you go for the one who loves you or no one at all. Haha should you go for someone who you know really loves you and who would really take care of you? Someone who has plans for you- both short term (car, condo etc) and long term (business etc)

It sucks to be me. Its so hard to live life with a budget.

So hard to just shop in Zara and never even dare go in Paul Smith anymore.

Hello Villamor with the caddies as thieves, goodbye Manila Golf with the players as thieves. haha

My passport hasn’t been stamped with a visa for the longest time.

So embarrassing to turn right instead of left when I board the plane.

Such is life.

If it weren't for my situation now I guess I wouldn't be a whore. Just a slut... like Mcvie. hahahaha. :)


  1. What's the difference between a slut and a whore. Does that mean that you're just taking domestic flights now to Tacloban? Or Ozamiz? Enjoy while it lasts. Let's compare notes soon.

  2. I think a whore charges for the service, while a slut just gives it away for free.

    I'm just a tramp, myself.

  3. Nicely put rudeboy; but lemme rephrase it- a whore looks at the return on investment while a slut just looks at the immediate return hehe

    @Robert Daniel - not really, taking sing air next week but flying coach...