Saturday, July 14, 2012

Paris 2012

Papi and I actually just got back from Paris.  It was a short but awesome trip.  Something like a long delayed honeymoon.  hehe We were supposed to stay at the George V of Four Seasons but to my surprise, it was fully booked!  So we decided to stay in Shangri-la instead - the location was not the greatest as I normally would prefer staying near Avenue Montaigne but to our amazement - the hotel was super gorgeous.  Apparently the hotel was an old palace of one of Napoleon's nephew.  It was worth the inconvenience of the location in terms of going around the city - although looking out our window one can see the Eiffel Tower.

It was actually really nice enjoying Paris with Papi.  We sometimes held hands when walking along the streets. :)

I didn't shop much as I'm not really an Hermes or LV guy but I just got a luggage - decided on a small Rimowa - cabin size for Business Class.  Gosh, it just means I cannot be poor. Again.  Hehe Papi got a big sized Rimowa.  Matching matching hehe Funny or awkward (how you wanna look at it) because we went to pick up the Birkin of Papi's wifey.  I was thinking to myself if I were a regular mistress (a girl) I would've freaked out and went ballistic already haha

What we mostly did was eat.  More of a gastronomic trip than anything else.  Both of us has been to Paris before a couple of times albeit separately so we just went to visit our favorite sites and just bask and enjoy the city.

I love gay Paris!

Monkey in the Sauna

I had the scare of my life yesterday.

It happened when I went in the sauna after working out in Fitness,  as I was doing my usual stretching - I felt that someone was looking and when I looked at the guy beside, me I seriously got scared - I saw a pair of goggly eyes staring at me and he looked like a monkey.  He was so dark and pardon me for my language, was ugly.  I almost never use the word 'ugly' but gosh, he really was.  After the initial shock I actually kinda pitied him.  (Which I guess is worse?)  He didn't look like he works out - most probably just goes to the gym to hang in the wet floors.  He had unstylish hair - like a monkey's.

Oh well.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cirque Du Soleil

I met Rolly a long time ago, he used to be a PT in Fitness First in the Middle East.  Rolly is a bit short- about 5'5, fair, with a super hot bod.  Face wise he isn't exactly my type as he is the cutie boy next door kind.  We didn't do much when we 1st met as he was top BUT small.  It was just a few months ago that I bumped into him at the mall when we started texting again.  Apparently he turned bottom a few years back.

We fixed our scheds and decided to hook up.  His body was much better now than before.  His chest was bigger and his back was really wide and he had chiseled abs.  One nice thing about him as well was his skin - it was even toned all over - down to his ass.  Rimming him was so yummy.  I position him on his back and raise his legs then I tongue fucked him and he was moaning like hell.  I dunno what came to me but I pushed his legs further back and his dick reached his face - he started licking and sucking his own dick while I kept on eating his ass.  That was so intense and hot!

I never knew Rolly was that flexible - I start fucking him in every imaginable position -over sideways and under - until we both cum together.

Although I just have to say even though he isn't exactly my type, he ranks high up there in my best fuck list!


I realized that I really love Papi for whatever reason it may be.  I am truly happy when I am with him.  He is kind, powerful, well connected, rich and generous.  Really generous.

Yes, I am used to my old life where everything was handed over to me on a silver plate.  Where work was just a 'hobby' and needn't be taken seriously.  Where a credit limit in your card was unheard of.  He gives me everything that I lost.  And then some.

It's funny how one can love someone even more as time passes by.  I dunno if its (non ending) learning to love the person or maybe just realizing how much of a great person one is.

I love him but I'm just fucking horny as hell still.

*haha I found a draft of an entry last year :

 'I am actually sick of Papi's whining already. I want it quits. I just don't know how. I have known him for more than 2 years already and…'

What a difference from how I feel and think now! haha!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm Back(la)!

Wow I can't believe its been almost exactly a year since I last blogged. If not for Mcvie I wouldn't even remember I had a blog. So if you care to know what happened to me the past year, but I don't care if you don't cause this is my blog anyway, I have to say- so much has happened. So much has changed yet I feel like I still am the same man. For one, I tried getting into showbiz - but just yesterday, deep, deep in my heart I realized (with the help of Papi - but more about him later) that it wasn't the career path I want to take. I came out in a few magazines, a few tv commercials and it was just those few instances - not even mainstream - that I already got blogged about in sites 'outing' me.

Did it bother me? Yes. Was I affected? No.

Just last night I got a call from this studio guy offering me a role for one of the teleseryes. Albeit an extra role, it was still a role with multiple episodes. I told him to give me an hour to think about it. Until God gave me a sign... As I was going up the escalator in Power Plant, I was behind the group of Will Devaughn, Andy Smith and Jacq Yu. Who you say? Exactly my point. They have been trying to break in the industry and may have achieved a little bit of fame but I highly doubt they reached their goal. They actually ehrm excuse my language but they looked jologs or cheap. What was more pathetic was Will Devaughn pranked his friends by stopping the escalator - while other people were still there including myself. What an annoying ass. I realized I didn't want to be associated with them and right there and then I called the station guy to politely decline.

 He said that this was a role where Jake Cuenca started from (and coincidentally, I saw Jake Cuenca as well after the escalator incident) and that people would kill just to get a chance to be on TV. I guess for me there were too many cons that outweigh the pros. And getting in showbiz takes a different kind of animal. Its an industry where you REALLY REALLY wanna be an artista to be in and that you'd do ANYTHING to be famous.

 Besides, I'm not exactly 16 years old. There is a pecking order with the artistas. Even in TV commercials there is hierarchy already for lead, support extra etc- what more in showbiz?

 Another reason as well is that Papi was not too excited about it. He was flattered that I was offered a role but he said that assuming I do become successful, my (and probably his) private life would be in jeopardy and we wouldn't be able to do what we normally can do. Although he did say that if I really want it I should go for it and he will support me a hundred percent and will even make sure that I become famous as he owns shares in some media companies. So that my fans, is the end of my non-existent showbiz career that never even started.