Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tides Encounter 7

Ok so a couple of weeks ago right around when the typhoon hit Manila I got so bored 1 night and called up some friends of mine to get a drink.  They lived in QC so being the one who wanted to go get a drink I had to traverse to their area.  It was a bit late already and the only place we could find that was open was this place called Tides - and hell it was PACKED!  The crowd was a bit jologs but who cares, I like ers and I wanted to drink.  It felt like drinking in your garden but only with strangers less than a foot beside you.

We got brought to our table and lo and behold I was seated right across this table with a lone guy drinking a bucket of beer by himself.  Moreno, skinhead and had an earring.  I would say he was a 7 out of 10 in the looks department.  He looked pretty straight - lose cargo shorts, ugly shoes and an ill fitted sport shirt.  He seemed really troubled to the point that I overheard the waiter ask him if he was alright.  During the latter part of the night, probably after finishing the bucket all by himself, I caught him glancing at me a few times and finally when I looked at him, he gave me a half smile.  I stood up, passed by his table towards the toilet and I saw him follow.  I went to the wash area 1st but there was this fugly kid who was trying to make pa-cute.  I saw him go to the urinal and I went to the one beside his.  I brought out my phone, put it in the keypad and casually told him - can you hold my phone while I take a leak - while showing him the dial pad?  He was smart enough or sober enough to input his number.

We go back to our respective tables and I start texting him.  I told him to meet me outside when we leave.  We met up where I was parked and I asked him if he was ok - and he said that he was just pissed off at his dad.  Whatever I honestly don't care - I asked cause I was just making conversation.  I bring him home and when we stripped down - I had a pleasant surprise.  He was quite endowed - I would say a 7, to match his looks.  It was mostly a blur as I had one drink too many as well.  What I remember was that he wanted me to give him 'kiss marks' all over his body- his neck, chest and every where else possible.

Next day, I didn't send an SMS and neither did he.

I get a call the following day at 1:30 in the morning from him - which really pissed me off.  He kept on calling and I thought that this might be an emergency hence I picked up - it wasn't him and the guy on the other end started yelling - 'so what do you think about my bf?  Masarap ba? Ha?'  I was so sleepy the only thing I was able to say was - ' go ask your fucking bf and tell me about it.'  If could only rewind it I would have said - 'he's alright'.

I realized that I was just used - and that he (I actually have no idea what his name is) wanted me to give him those kiss marks so his bf could see them.  Shame on him for using me. Hehe

Ted not from Titanic

I met Ted early this year - moreno, about 5'7,  has a pretty nice built, not super good looking, eloquent and a good guy over all.

He works in a cruise line and the time I met him, he had only about less than a month before he goes onboard again.  Those last few weeks we would exchange SMS constantly - our messages would actually be borderline sweet almost.  We met up every Friday before he left for a good fuck.  When he left he promised me that he would not get fucked by anyone and that he would 'reserve' his ass for me until he comes back again.

He came back about a month ago and we met up last week.  I dunno but I wasn't excited anymore in seeing him.  Imagine it took me almost  month before I was able to set time for him.  He wanted to have dinner or drinks but I said I can't and that we can meet after dinner and just check in.

We finally met up at around 10:30 pm and went straight to the motel.  I can't say I wasn't excited cause my cock was as hard the moment we started making out but I wasn't exactly feeling him so much either.  He couldn't get himself hard even when I gave him head.  I decided to just fuck him.  I told him that he might be 'more bottom' already and that he might get hard when I fuck him - he brought out the condom and his lube - it was in this deo looking bottle and was half empty - different from the one we used before that was in a tube -  I used to fuck him missionary style before but this time I decided to fuck him 'over, side ways, and under' - still engaged even when I would flip or turn him around.  When I was fucking him doggie style I reached out for his dick and it was hard already.  I pumped a few more minutes until I flipped him to his front again and was fucking him missionary while my sweat was dripping all over him until we both came together.

After that I realized one thing for sure - that he didn't exactly 'reserve' his ass for me based on the lube that he brought.

I did miss him somehow but more on a platonic level and to make things easier and I guess be more transparent with my intentions - I told him to invite me for a threesome if he gets to meet someone hot in his future meet ups while he's here on vacation.  Ted just gave me a knowing smile as if to know what I was trying to say.