Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Choice

So, obviously I took the 1st choice in the menu… (highly recommended by a lot of guys I'm sure) and went over to Moses’ place ‘cause he finally texted and invited me over. Geesh. Where is my pride? Haha

Once inside his room we didn’t wait anymore and started kissing- I could feel his large cock getting hard. And when I say large, I mean large! ;) He pulls me to the bed and he shoves my head down his cock. After choking a couple of times I hear him say ‘fuck me, fuck me now’.

I grab the rubber on the side table- hmm different brand from the last time we fucked. I fuck him missionary until I cum. He tells me that it hurts- such a poor actor that Moses guy…

We go to bed cuddling until we fall asleep…

The night was too short and I had to wake up early for a meeting.

While I was in the kitchen preparing my breakfast and Moses was still in bed sleeping, I see his phone lying on the counter… should I or shouldn’t I?...


My heart was beating fast. I have NEVER checked someone else’s phone. Well at least not that I remember. Hehe. I click on the main button… open the inbox and sent items…

‘Hey baby are you ok? J How come you’re not replying?’

‘Hey babe sorry not feeling so well. I’m calling it a night. Love you.’

‘Ok I love you so much I hope you feel better soon. Good night. J

-conversation with the ex bf. Well I guess not so ex anymore. Haha.

I feel so much relief. Para akong natanggalan ng tinik. Now I know what is really going on. No more second-guessing. No more why’s. No more maybe ‘He’s just not that into me shit.’

I finish my breakfast and he comes in the kitchen.

‘Hey I got you your fave Oliver’s sandwich for your lunch later.’

‘No thanks, I’m ok.’

‘You sure? Ok then, you have a nice day at work.’

‘Thanks, sweetheart.’

Then I open the door, go out of his pad- smiling from ear to ear.


  1. I had a hard on reading. Hahahaha...


  2. haha really? I edited out the details already (well, part of it at least hehe) else this would be a gay Xerex :p