Sunday, January 31, 2010


Its funny how girls would always say that guys are so complicated. I would have to agree on this as I date guys too. Its been exactly a week since I last heard from Moses- last time was when we watched a movie, falling asleep snuggling. A whole week without a call nor a text- up until this morning; at the ungodly hour of 4:30am. He called and I pick up and he says he’s really drunk. Tells me that he misses me so much and that he wants to kiss me. I just say I miss him too, which I really do. Then he tells me he loves me. And I tell him he’s drunk. Waaay to drunk. We put the phone down and he texts me around 11am asking me how I am, I say I’m ok and how about him- he says he’s still drunk. Then he says ‘I kinda miss you… does that weird you out?’ I go- not really, cause I miss you too; What’s weird is that you professing to me that you love me when you called. Hahaha he doesn’t remember. Last exchange of messages was 12:16pm. I haven’t heard from him since and its 11:54pm now. Guys are so complicated. I rest my case.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

El Nino

I feel like I haven’t had sex for the longest time. Last sex I had was probably mid-week last week. Work has been so tiring and I guess I haven’t met anyone interesting lately. The guy I met was just average. I guess he was just really persistent and he wasn’t that ugly. His confidence level was way up there too- he would pertain to himself in his stories as ‘us, the good looking ones blah blah’. Excuse me; we are so not in the same league- I don’t have a big tomato nose to begin with. Haha He wanted to go to a motel but I just wanted to it get over with. We just did it in the car. Surprisingly, he’s a good kisser and had a nice dick. Not that long but pretty thick. What I didn’t like about him was that he smelled poor. I dunno how I can describe it- I dunno if its from his clothes or from his hair? Smells of cheap apartment or boarding house- or worse, bed spacer. I’m so bad I talk like I still live in our penthouse. Haha.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cuddling and Snuggling

Do you cuddle and snuggle after sex even if it's just a trick? I personally just fuck and go if I know it's just sex. I think if you cuddle after sex it would mean something more than that... but I guess that's just me.

I guess some people do still cuddle and snuggle even though its just meaningless sex.

At least I got to fuck the freak.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Moses 2

What the hell was I talking about... the guy didn't even text me today. haha

Oh well... NEXT!



I like Moses- we have a great time, have fun and I like his sense of humor- and he can be serious when needed. Sex is great- totally compatible when it comes to that part.

Problem is- we could be great friends- or great fubus. We're both obnoxious to each other and that's where the problem begins. When it comes to dating guys, I'm used to someone who treats me like a prince(ss). I'm used to guys at my beck and call. I'm used to guys showering me with everything. And he's NOT like that. Not at all. Do you think I just forget about having something more with him and just wait till this expires? Relationships need work, I know that but this will need huge adjustments I guess on my side. How do you know if a person is worth adjusting to what you're used to and what you're looking for? Sigh.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yahoo Chat

Guy: Bakit nung nagmeet tayo di tayo nag sex?

Icarus: Duh...

Bob O.

"Mas madali ngumiti kahit hindi ka masaya kesa ipaliwanag mo sa buong mundo kung bakit ka malungkot"

-Bob Ong

Bob O. ain't bobo pala after all hehe

Johnson and Johnson Heir Dead

Casey Johnson is dead... who?!?! haha that was my initial reaction though but after reading her story I kinda felt sad. Poor little rich girl (dike) who got lost somewhere along the way. Couldn't handle the stress of too much money. When she adopted a kid she said that she wouldn't spoil her like how she was spoilt.

Damn, reminded me of how it was. Gay, rich, spoiled, drugs, parties etc. (well at least her family still has TONS of $$$, on the other hand, at least I'm still breathing hehe)

I'm never the type who would have regrets but if I could change 1 thing in the past; it would be that I wish I knew how to save. My mom would say- she was able to bring us up pretty well, the only thing she didn't teach us was how to be frugal...

My Papi

FYI to my legion of followers out there hehe- I haven't mentioned this but there's no more papi and I. I decided to call it quits a couple of months ago. it was too stressful already. We weren't meeting eye to eye on a lot of things. Am I sad? Hmm... disappointed maybe but sad... not really. It was fun while it lasted. He gave me a Christmas gift tho- a super slick Dior Homme suit. Would've preferred a William Fioravanti or a Kiton though. Oh well.

Wow what can I say more about what happened...? Can't think of anything else to say.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lady Gaga loves flowers!

I luuurve Lady Gaga! haha

I've been trying to figure out how to post the freakin video for 5 min already. Pota, link na nga lang! Click me.

Since you're gay then chances are you've seen the vid already. hehe

fuck this shit!!!

Could not contact Saving and publishing may fail. Retrying...

Planet Romeo

I'm sure every gay blog here from Manila has mentioned planet romeo at least once. ok twice. (and guys4men a million times)

Every time I log in and out- same thoughts run thru my mind- wala nanaman ok. What keeps me going back? If I'm there then I'm sure there's someone out there like me too. hehe

Monday, January 4, 2010

Gay blogs (part1)

I was browsing thru some local personal gay blogs and ...damn... they're all so well written...

... to name a few.

save for a couple of blogs that I cringe while reading. Calling the grammar (and spelling) police! Help!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Just an observation... how come every gay guy i know joins the marathon? Is there a secret grand eb going on that i'm missing here?

Chicken house

I had to drive my dad today as apparently we let go of our driver cause we couldn’t afford one anymore. I was bored out of my wits waiting for them to finish. Good thing there was this waiter who was checking me out- not that cute but what the heck, I was bored. He was a bit chubby and *eek* he has colored hair. Although it didn’t look gay it looked a bit off. I licked and bit my lips every time he’d look at my direction. I would adjust my crotch when he’d look. I went outside to smoke and he comes following giving me a piece of paper. I didn’t even bother to look at the paper. Haha

Christmas gifts

Christmas holiday was a blast.

Brent on the 23rd

Mico on the 25th

Mark on the 25th, evening

Glenn on the 26th oops. Yes, that same Glenn haha

Harry on the 30th

And looking forward to Jan 4 for Moses.


If you’re wondering why my entries seem to be in batches, its because my beautiful MAC doesn’t have a matching internet connection to go with it.


I have an old friend who just came back from Toronto. He moved there with his wife and his son Enzo some 4 -5 years ago. First time I met Rich he was really good looking – did a TVC for Pepsi, Moreno with really nice teeth. Last time we saw each other was around a year ago-he gained at least 30 lbs. Tabachoy- but still guapo. I get a text from him saying he’s back for good and asks if I wanted to meet up in Eastwood. We meet up, have coffee and lousy Pistachio Sansrival in Coffee Bean. Then he asks if I wanted to see his unit in Eastwood- sure why not? We enter the 1 bedroom unit, we strip like crazy and we kiss torridly. We jump in bed and we hump each other- dry sex. Last year when we met up he didn’t wanna suck me but this time he did. Sarap. We continue rubbing against each other. We roll around the bed, the whole time dry fucking each other. Our cocks rubbing against each other and suddenly he cums. I jack him off until the last drop. I didn’t cum though. Just in case I meet up with someone else that night. Now that I think about it, I never got the chance to check his unit out. hehe

I find it weird when some people don’t have fetishes. More like corny- maybe not weird. Is it because they don’t know what turns them on? Are they too conscious about what their fuck bud, gf, bf, wife or husband might think of them? I myself have a couple actually. One of my first fetish experiences was courtesy of Rich. First time we did it in his place some 8 years ago, he suddenly lunged at the foot of the bed and started sucking my toes. Damn that was hot. Of course, I being ever adventurous do the same to him. Oh I like underarms too- I like the hairiness just right. Not too thick not too thin. I like licking them and smelling them. I don’t like ‘fat’ underarms though if you know what I mean- yun may hotdog sa kilikili. Hairy guys actually turn me on. Specially chest hair and that oh so sexy happy trail. Yummy.

Papi on the other hand likes it rough. I give it to him rough. I find it exciting smothering and rubbing my cock and balls on his face. I use my cock to slap his face. I spit in his mouth. This makes him so hot. I pull his hair when I thrust my cock into his mouth. This actually turns me on too- I like playing it rough to powerful men- rich men, politicians and yes, the big muscled men (even though they only look powerful :p). I tried it one time to this guy who’s twin I fucked too- but it just didn’t work. He was too pretty boy looking- I felt like I was abusing him more than I was enjoying myself. I like the feeling that they’re under my mercy. Well according to Mo Twister in his morning show- that’s the power of the Vagine. (In my situation, it’s the power of the Cockine).