Sunday, February 7, 2010

Menu for Tonight

Tonight's menu consists of a variety of selection. Some are more sweet to the taste while some leaning towards the bitter but no matter the choice, any of them will make a delectable meal.

~Sleep over at Moses as planned during mid-week (but still no text or call from him and I am definitely NOT reminding him of his invitation)~

~Meet up with this really hot err looking guy with a killer body~

~Threesome with this guy I met before- inviting me for some fun with his supposed hot friend~

~Have dinner with this doctor-son of a politician dude~

~Practice Bad Romance dance at home (just kidding)~

Bon Appetit!


  1. Are you enjoying life so far? Is Moses a large part of it? What else do you want to write about aside from these sexcapades? Why boytoy?

  2. i knew it. when you said menu, you did not mean gustatory...

    (found your blog through mcvie's.)

  3. @ Robert Daniel: Yes I am enjoying life very much, thanks for asking. Moses will just be a memory soon lost with the other tricks in the past. I just write whatever I feel like... i write LIFE. Boytoy cause I am a boytoy... in all defintions- kept man, play thing etc.