Monday, August 31, 2009

A little something about me...

Yes, I am officially a boytoy.  In the most literal sense you can define.  I have a papi, married with kids. And of course, the major prerequisite- loaded.  I have sex with the guy in ‘our’ Makati condo.  I pay my dues, I get what I want.


Why do I do this?  I really don't know.  Maybe a little background of myself would help you buggers figure out.  Not that I give a flying fuck about what you think.


I was born rich.  Went to a private all boy's catholic school.  Had a trusted bodyguard (who died around 7 years ago).  Didn't know what allowance meant.  Was chauffeur driven to prep school.  Drove an SLK in college.  Hated by the masa in college cause I was who they wanted to be.  Hated by the feeling conios in college cause I didn't give a damn about what they thought about me.  Toured Europe for a year after university.  Went to Stern for my MBA.  'Worked' in daddy's companies after that.  Then comes the financial crisis.  Daddy's offices in both Makati and Ortigas gets foreclosed. A whole floor in one of those buildings in Ayala.  Money squandered?  I wouldn't know. I was too busy to look into the financials.  Too busy playing golf with the Japanese and British clients.  Or was it with my friends?  Slowly had to unload our stuff to survive- our lawyers were milking us.  Thinks my daddy is a fat cow with a hidden Swiss account.  Goodbye Amorsolos... goodbye SLK...  goodbye Range... goodbye Camry... now we're left with a fucking lone Civic.  Our Pacific Plaza Towers condo gets foreclosed too. Damn, didn't even get the chance to meet MVP- he might have been a more generous papi.  Now we're living in an old 800 sqm house in Valle- rented of course.  Dunno how much jewelry my mom had to pawn.


No I did not go to QC Circle to pimp myself out.  Nothing was intentional... I think.

Got a job in Makati as a corporate slave in the financial industry- good thing for connections- had sex with the now boss sometime ago.  He called me up asking me what I was doing, offers me a job, takes the job.