Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Bar

I just got home from a trick and what’s weird is that I feel like I still wanna do someone agin. I think my testerone level is pretty high tonight. Haha.

Rewind to last night.

I was at the bar and my friend Anton was macking this guy. Cute and chunky. The guy turned him down though saying that he was with his bf- who was actually standing behind him holding his hand. Anton is such a freak. Haha I was minding my own business when I saw the guy checking me out. Hmm he was smiling and making pa-cute. I signal him to follow me to the bathroom. He follows and gives me his number. Too bad for Anton.

Fast forward to Saturday night.

I go to his pad in SOMA at the Fort. Turns out Sid is based in London and is just on a vacation- good, no baggage to get rid off after the sex. We go straight to the deed and I like his size. More than average and thick. What I didn’t like though was it took him soo long to cum. I couldn’t hold it anymore longer so I came in his mouth and BAM, he cums.

I met him at 10 pm and I left his pad at 1 am. I had my clothes off longer than I was wearing it. Haha.

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