Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cock v.s. Prick

What’s the largest or the smallest dick you’ve ever encountered?  If it’s big it’s a cock.  If it’s small it’s a prick. Haha 

The largest cock I’ve ever encountered was that of this bartender from the Mandarin Hotel.  Was it called the Captain’s bar before?   That was more than 10 years ago- I was probably just 18 or 19 at that time.   His cock was so big it looked like it was a horse’s cock- too bad it matched his face.  I was in the bar alone having a drink.  Since I was the only customer, the bartender and I started chatting.  A decent conversation to begin with then he started talking about girls.  He said that even though he’s not guapo (an understatement) he has chicks lining up for him. Curious I asked why- he then said cause he had a huge cock.  That got me interested.   I started asking how big, how thick and how do the girls react when he fucks them until he finally got the point and asked if I wanted to see it.  Hell yeah.  I pick him up after his shift that night. We ended up doing it in the car- while the car was parked in my lola’s garage in Dasma. Haha  Damn his cock was HUGE.  That’s one monster cock.  Imagine stretching your hands out and his cock’s body would start at the tip of your middle finger down to your wrist.  Add an inch and half for his cock’s head down past your wrist.  And I have big hands.  I couldn’t help licking it and touching it.  Damn.  I don’t remember the details anymore of that night but one thing for sure I’d remember is his huge cock.

The smallest so far I’ve encountered was around 2 years ago.  I mean I’ve had my fair share of small pricks but this one was really small.  I don’t really remember where or how I met Miguel.  He’s pretty good looking. Fairly nice body. A bit jologs though.  He comes out in TVC’s so I guess he’s generally attractive.  We start texting each other one night and he says that he’s in Alabang.  I said maybe we can meet up he says ok and that he lives a town after Alabang and that he has a place where we can do it.  I pass by for him in ATC, we drive and drive and drive down south for what seems to be forever until where a road means dirt, pebbles, small rocks and a space where there are no coconut trees growing.  This is fucking far.  When we finally get to his place we start making out, then when I start touching his crotch he pulls back.  He tells me- ‘nahihiya ako kasi maliit ‘to.’  I say it doesn’t matter I don’t really mind. Liar. Haha I drove so far and for what?  Just to drop him off? Ano ako? Driver? So he starts being comfy again, and I pull out his dick, I mean prick. Oh my.  It is small.  It’s as big as my thumb.   Hard.  Miguel aka Thumbelina.  

Casual Sex

I’m sure everyone has had casual sex.  But how do you define casual sex?  How open are you with it?  I think casual sex encounter is different from casual sex.  Casual sex encounter is say, you’re at the mall or gym or somewhere then you meet someone, have sex, then that’s a casual sex encounter right?  Casual sex for me is say- you have a kabarakda and then suddenly you guys just feel horny or you guys get drunk (or both), you get it on.  You don’t discuss it after.  Casual lang.  Wala lang.  My good friend Macky and I did it couple of times.  Never planned, we were just both horny I guess and sometimes drunk.  I’d never think of being with him in a deeper sense- aside from the fact that he has a bf and he’s not exactly my type.  One time we were in the car I was driving and Macky just started rubbing my cock and then when it was hard already he sucked me.  He sucks pretty good.  He sucked me till I came then swallowed my load.  He proceeded in jacking off till he came.  One time we were with some friends in Hong Kong and we shared a bed- we were pretty pissed drunk that time though.  In the middle of the night we started feeling and rubbing each other.  Of course we couldn’t do big moves or do anything that might wake the other guys up.  We kissed and just jacked each other off until we came under the sheets.  That was pretty hot.  That was casual sex.


Size Matters

Does size really matter to you?  Do you find yourself asking your friend who’s setting you up with his other friend- ‘Cock size? Is it thick?’  I think it does matter to me even though I’m more top than bottom.   I like it big and thick.  Makes me really horny.  I like it veiny and throbbing.  I like looking at it and licking it up and down.  I actually have had sex with really ugly guys cause they claimed they have huge cocks.  When I say ugly, I mean ugly.  I was just too curious to see how monstrous their cocks really are.  I’ve been fooled a couple of times too already – Glenn claimed he had a huge cock and when I saw it- it was just average.  Even while we were doing it already he was saying- ‘do you like my big cock? You like it huh?’  Whatever.   I think he’s deranged. Fuck him, I never replied to his texts again ever.  On the other side of the spectrum, my friend Javier likes his cocks small.  The smaller the better- like a baby’s according to him.  He likes the feeling of sucking a chupon. Haha 


I find it weird when some people don’t have fetishes.  More like corny- maybe not weird.  Is it because they don’t know what turns them on?  Are they too conscious about what their fuck bud, gf, bf, wife or husband might think of them?  I myself have a couple actually.   One of my first fetish experiences was courtesy of Rich.  First time we did it in his place some 8 years ago, he suddenly lunged at the foot of the bed and started sucking my toes. Damn that was hot.  Of course, I being ever adventurous do the same to him.  Oh I like underarms too- I like the hairiness just right.  Not too thick not too thin.  I like licking them and smelling them.  I don’t like ‘fat’ underarms though if you know what I mean- yun may hotdog sa kilikili.  Hairy guys actually turn me on.  Specially chest hair and that oh so sexy happy trail.  Yummy.

Papi on the other hand likes it rough.  I give it to him rough.  I find it exciting smothering and rubbing my cock and balls on his face.  I use my cock to slap his face.  I spit in his mouth.  This makes him so hot.  I pull his hair when I thrust my cock into his mouth.  This actually turns me on too- I like playing it rough to powerful men- rich men, politicians and yes, the big muscled men (even though they only look powerful :p).  I tried it one time to this guy who’s twin I fucked too- but it just didn’t work.  He was too pretty boy looking- I felt like I was abusing him more than I was enjoying myself.  I like the feeling that they’re under my mercy.  Well according to Mo Twister in his morning show- that’s the power of the Vagine. (In my situation, it’s the power of the Cockine).

Toronto Express

I have an old friend who just came back from Toronto.  He moved there with his wife and his son Enzo some 4 -5 years ago.  First time I met Rich he was really good looking – did a TVC for Pepsi, Moreno with really nice teeth.  Last time we saw each other was around a year ago-he gained at least 30 lbs.  Tabachoy- but still guapo.  I get a text from him saying he’s back for good and asks if I wanted to meet up in Eastwood.  We meet up, have coffee and lousy Pistachio Sansrival in Coffee Bean.  Then he asks if I wanted to see his unit in Eastwood- sure why not? We enter the 1 bedroom unit, we strip like crazy and we kiss torridly.  We jump in bed and we hump each other- dry sex.  Last year when we met up he didn’t wanna suck me but this time he did. Sarap.  We continue rubbing against each other.  We roll around the bed, the whole time dry fucking each other.  Our cocks rubbing against each other and suddenly he cums.  I jack him off until the last drop.  I didn’t cum though.  Just in case I meet up with someone else that night.  Now that I think about it, I never got the chance to check his unit out. hehe

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How it began...

I got an SMS from an old friend- if he can set me up with this guy. Sure, I said- was feeling a bit horny.  I meet up with the guy- not so bad looking; he was persistent in bringing me home- to his home.  As we walk towards his car- I eye a red Ferrari. Damn.  Now I like this guy.  We go to this empty condo unit in the Fort, have sex with my future papi.  Performance level.  I always try to do my best.

He texts me the following days like a million times. Asks me out a million times.  Always the same answer- NO.  I didn't feel like doing a repeat.  I hate repeats.  Until finally I was at the Shang working out when he calls me- Dinner at Red?  No, I prefer dinner at  Shang Palace.  Good boy.

He professes how much he missed me and all that corny shit.  Come on, I'm not 14 anymore, we just met once- probably mixing the great sex with how he's feeling.

He calls me up the next day again saying he has a surprise for me.  We meet up in Coffee Bean in High Street.  Saw him from afar, walking towards me with a box, hands it over to me.  What a surprise indeed- a Mac Air.  Just what I wanted. Now I'm beginning to like this. 

Monday, August 31, 2009

A little something about me...

Yes, I am officially a boytoy.  In the most literal sense you can define.  I have a papi, married with kids. And of course, the major prerequisite- loaded.  I have sex with the guy in ‘our’ Makati condo.  I pay my dues, I get what I want.


Why do I do this?  I really don't know.  Maybe a little background of myself would help you buggers figure out.  Not that I give a flying fuck about what you think.


I was born rich.  Went to a private all boy's catholic school.  Had a trusted bodyguard (who died around 7 years ago).  Didn't know what allowance meant.  Was chauffeur driven to prep school.  Drove an SLK in college.  Hated by the masa in college cause I was who they wanted to be.  Hated by the feeling conios in college cause I didn't give a damn about what they thought about me.  Toured Europe for a year after university.  Went to Stern for my MBA.  'Worked' in daddy's companies after that.  Then comes the financial crisis.  Daddy's offices in both Makati and Ortigas gets foreclosed. A whole floor in one of those buildings in Ayala.  Money squandered?  I wouldn't know. I was too busy to look into the financials.  Too busy playing golf with the Japanese and British clients.  Or was it with my friends?  Slowly had to unload our stuff to survive- our lawyers were milking us.  Thinks my daddy is a fat cow with a hidden Swiss account.  Goodbye Amorsolos... goodbye SLK...  goodbye Range... goodbye Camry... now we're left with a fucking lone Civic.  Our Pacific Plaza Towers condo gets foreclosed too. Damn, didn't even get the chance to meet MVP- he might have been a more generous papi.  Now we're living in an old 800 sqm house in Valle- rented of course.  Dunno how much jewelry my mom had to pawn.


No I did not go to QC Circle to pimp myself out.  Nothing was intentional... I think.

Got a job in Makati as a corporate slave in the financial industry- good thing for connections- had sex with the now boss sometime ago.  He called me up asking me what I was doing, offers me a job, takes the job.