Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Hard Earned Golf Set

I got a call from papi this morning at 7am. Weird... he normally doesn't call this early. He called to say he was horny and wanted to do SOP. I literally laughed at him! I didn't know how to react until i figured out that he was actually serious. Ok, i am a professional here. No need to act the virgin. I give my moans, my ooh and ugghhs until he cums. Done.

Just the other day i was looking at the Taylor Made website and was drooling at the r9's. Just for kicks i clicked on the 'buy' button and put everything- and threw in a couple more stuff like matching golf bag, an umbrella and a pair of adidas shoes in the shopping cart. Total= $1,800++ :(. Definitely something i cannot afford now.

Are you girls thinking of what i'm thinking? Do our dirrrty little minds think alike? This is the perfect timing to make him "want to buy me' what i want!

Really perfect timing- I have a golf game in Sta. Elena on June 12. Can't wait to test drive my new golf set! ;)

Dream. Believe. Survive.

Bwahahaha i can't believe i just said that. That was so ghetto.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Drama Queen

I'm so Lindsay Lohan i swear. Not a has-been, but a drama queen. Last night started out so much fun- i was fucking drunk and i decided to meet up with Tonio Latino after my parties. I went to his place and we started doing it until he wanted to fuck me. I told him no, cause i only get fucked by my bf and not in a situation like this. Besides, we didn't have a condom teehee. But he was so persistent- he was drunk too and it ended up me pushing him away (literally and figuratively) and me walking out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tonio Latino 2

Tonio is actually pretty weird. We don't get to really hangout much but we've met like 3-4 times already. We know we like each other but on my part, i'm not sure if i wanna have anything more than what we have now. He's a really nice guy but i dunno... there's something missing. i'm not closing my doors on anything yet but the prob is that he's really into me. i can handle it but apparently i don't think he can- i would get texts at 4am from him saying something like:

i don't think i can see you anymore cause im in love.

then i don't reply (obviously cause i'm in lala land)

in love with you.

and i still don't reply cause (what for?)

hi how are you?

THEN i reply.

i'm not being unfair or nor am i leading him on. i have told him that i do like him, i like hanging out with him but i think he's taking things too fast.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


OMG can i just say, i worked out in Fitness RSC today and it was really bad. No cute guys- all fugly fags. I felt like I was being stripped naked when I was in the lockers... oops i WAS naked. lol!

I saw some stalkers and apparently they saw me too. Got a couple of texts from nameless numbers saying:

ang cute mo naman talaga ______. i saw you in rsc.

hey sup? what are you doing after working out in rsc?

i saw you sa gym, ang hot mo talaga. can i get to know you?

Oh please.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Party List

OMG I actually voted for Ang Ladlad bwahaha I was so scared and praning at the same time but knew I did the right thing. Now I feel so brave.

Does anyone know if they made it or not?

Monday, May 10, 2010


I was chatting with someone over in YM and he showed me his FB... i copy pasted some wall posts of him in our chat window:

hai kuya ..musta po u? good eve..

elow kuya....msta po?

and I said- you have jejemon friends. He replied, 'They're my cousins.' Oops.

then he said 'yeah... i guess im barking the wrong tree'

Jejemon rin siya!

I'm a Copy Cat

I just realized or have just become aware that the title of my blog- well at least the word 'Confessions' has been used a million times already in the blogsphere. This sucks. And I thought I was pretty creative and original. Haha.

I also came across this blogger (who has the same layout, same confessions blah blah title grr) who just charged P500 for a blow job. Damn, that was cheap. And the most he got was P250k. I wouldn't wanna be him. Ever. That's scary.

Probably the difference between us is that he's an escort and I'm a boytoy.

Ok, now I'm not so scared anymore.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ego Trip

I met a caster from Malaysia in a party last Friday. He asked if I wanted to be a talent- he said that I look very 'commercial' and that I was good looking. I said I think I look too 'Asian' or 'Oriental'. And then he said to quit acting humble cause I know that I look good. I guess I don't have a talent for acting. Hehe He said that he would know. I guess he would. It's his job to know. haha

Saturday, May 8, 2010


6:38 am, Saturday May 8 2010

Moses: Do you miss me?

Icarus: Hello. Are you drunk again?

Moses: I love you.

Icarus: Where are you?

Moses: Home. Come over. Let's kiss and hug till we fall asleep.

Icarus: Haha it's 6 in the morning. Besides, you only think about me when you're drunk.

Moses: I think about you when I'm drunk but I think about you more when I'm sober. You inspire me to be the best I can be. Oh my God what am I saying. This is gross. -ends call-


Porsche Cayenne

The new Porsche Cayenne is coming to town. See you sugar daddies in the launch!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tonio Latino

I feel like its been ages since I last had sex when in fact the last time I did was err this morning. Haha ok maybe its not considered sex cause it was with Papi. (yes, this is another story) Before this morning it was, I think- last Wednesday. I probably feel like this cause its been ages since I last had sex with someone really hot- or had hot sex.

Anyways, I met Tonio last Monday but it wasn’t until Wednesday that we met up again to do it. Tonio is Brazilian although he’s pretty short for one- I’m even taller than him and I stand 5’8. He’s not your typical porn looking Latino- he’s almost guapo but just more than normal looking. Nothing outstanding. What I like about him is that he’s really nice- genuinely nice, and his accent- very sexy. It’s not the sexy Brit with a peach in the mouth accent but more of your Chulo gardener macho type of accent. He was a construction worker before he came over to Manila for greener pastures. He’s a bit lean, stopped working out about a year ago. We finish a bucket of beer in a bar and drive off to his place. I have to admit, we were both a bit nervous when we were sitting already on his bed. We start to kiss gently and in the middle of it he stops and tells me- ‘I am uncut ok?’ I almost laughed and just said, ‘I know, its ok’. I actually wanted to say- ‘I think I’ve been around much that nothing surprises me anymore.’ Hehe. So we continue where we left off and honestly I was so curious to see how hung he is. I rub his cock from his jocks and when he had a semi already, I pull down his jocks and start licking his balls and and sucking his cock. When it was hard already I stopped and stared at it… it was thick, but not so long- around a 7 maybe but in comparison, Moses’ cock was longer but his was thicker. Surprisingly tho it smelled good. Not that I was expecting something stinky but he did smell good. His pits, his balls, his cock- it all smelled good. He goes down on me and sucks me pathetically. Haha we end up jacking off beside each other and I just cum on his tummy. Yes, the sex was borderline lousy. I am actually killing time, as I am blogging this as we are going to meet again later tonight. He’s worth giving a 2nd chance.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kids Nowadays

A good friend of mine is heartbroken. Jeff is (was) dating this kid (and he’s been milking him $$$) for 4 months already and suddenly tells him that he is dating this Singaporean expat in his face - with a pic to boot. Jeff calls me and throws a bitch fit- he devices a plan and I am the bait. We search for the SG guy in facebook. I message him and he replies, after 3 exchanges he gives me his number. We are meeting up tomorrow night. The kid has more to learn in this world. One would be is to never play in my field. ;)

Baby baby baby ooh… like baby baby baby noo… baby baby baby ooh… thought you’d always be mine…