Thursday, February 25, 2010

Banking with Metrobank

I’ve been texting with this guy I met online for a few weeks already and it wasn’t until tonight that we finally decided to meet. We met at midnight along a usually busy street by day, in the parking lot of Metrobank.

He was ok- average to say the least but very straight looking. We said our hello’s and he suggested that we move to the darker part of the parking lot behind a parked AUV as he might be seen by his friends or any one who knows him.

When I was walking and was behind the AUV already he suddenly grabbed me and started kissing me. He was a pretty good kisser. He started rubbing his crotch against mine. He started caressing my chest and slid his hand under my shirt and started playing with my nips. I felt him get hard- and so was I. Our bodies were rubbing against each other. He moved his head towards my chest and started licking my nips under my shirt. He un-buttoned my shorts and started sucking… I reciprocated and did the same. We were leaning against the AUV- I was half excited half nervous. He said he wanted to cum so we started jacking off. We came together- all over the parking lot ground. The situation was just so kinky. If it wasn’t for the right time and (wrong) right place, I wouldn’t have done it with him. That was hot.

Thanks pare. Sa uulitin.

Ayt, ingats dude.


  1. Something about "night deposits" and "slots" comes to mind.

    Oh - and this gives a whole new meaning to "Youre in good hands with Metrobank."