Sunday, July 10, 2011


I can't believe I didn't blog about my 'fling' with the cousins... I was going through my blog and realized I never talked about it. Damn.

Will do so specially now that I found out one of them blocked me in facebook. lol

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I met Prince in an orgy that I went to- it was my 3rd time and he said it was his 1st- and I believe him. He was actually shaking in fear (or excitement?) when we started making out. He was cute, fair and chunky and had braces on. His shaking was actually endearing which I really found cute. Most of the time it was us doing it except for some moments that I had to go around and not be rude by being with just 1 guy. We came at the same time by jacking off.

I left early and when I was in the parking area about to leave- I saw him walking towards my direction. I gave him a nod when I passed by him and he acknowledged and made a sign like he was texting. I opened my window and he asked for my number.

We exchanged messages the next day but apparently we weren't looking for the same thing- I was looking for NSA fun while he was looking for a bf. I was clear from the beginning and it actually came out of his mouth that I just want him as a fuck buddy. We met up a few more times- me for sex and him for a chat or a drink. What was weird though was that whenever I'd fuck him the last few times we did it, he didn't cum anymore. He said it was because he jacked off already. All good for me at least I didn't have to pleasure him anymore. This lasted a good 2 months until I guess he just couldn't take it in him and he said that its best if we don't see each other anymore as he's falling for me already. Not sure if its just an excuse or maybe he's already outgrown me too.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lost Lube

I had sex with this ex-body builder guy last Sunday who now looks like a bouncer. As we finished, he stood up and I saw the packet of used lube get stuck on his ass and I couldn't help but remember the cartoon I saw before. Hehe.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Papi asked me if I wanted an apartment in One Rockwell- 1 bedroom 80 sqm with a balcony and a parking slot for around Php 12M.

I said no.

Shocker, right?

'di ako magpapatalo kay Jinkee no! kidding. :)

Oh well, I guess I still have my values intact. Lol.

Shopping Spree

Hey faggots. Just got back from a super luxe trip to HK. Business Class flight, stayed at the Ritz, eating in Michelin starred restos and unlimited shopping! All courtesy of Papi.

Oh and a Thank you wallet from Bottega from me to him. ;)

I love living life (large)!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Being Rich

Is being rich the same as say, being kind or nice or being hot?

Why is it taboo to say that you love a person because he is rich? Would it be the same if someone says he loves the guy because he is hot? I guess the latter may sound shallow but not as bad sounding as saying that you love the guy because he is rich.

Isn't being rich something you can work on too like being nice? Like if you were 'bad' before and you changed for the better by whatever retreat or religion you joined and now you are 'nice'? Same as having a hot bod- you can workout and from being fat or scrawny turn into a David. AND, what is more similar is that there are no guarantees- you can work your ass off and still be poor, just like some people can join retreats everyday or be devout Christians and still be bad.

So what is wrong with falling in love or being in love with someone because he is rich?

Nothing. I love Papi because he is RICH- filthy rich.

Monday, May 23, 2011


I wonder if the 'losing control' of oneself when cumming equates to the level of intensity how one feels. I have experienced guys just moaning when cumming to guys who literally curl up like a ball and back while cursing at me. (I hope that's a good sign)

If it does then I envy the guy who looks like he has an epilepsy attack when he cums.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Poor People

I was in Jollibee the other day getting my cheap lunch for my cheap self. I observed that there was no single good looking person in the joint. No guy nor girl. Is Jolibee super masa that its so rare to see a beautiful face?

Which led me to conclude think that poor = ugly? I guess we have to exempt the artistas as they're exceptions to the rule given that they're mostly half breeds or just fuckin lucky. If you go around Republiq or some other more upscale places, you'd definitely see quite a handful of at least good looking people.

fish balls = ugly genes?
foie gras - beauty genes?

Gosh... now that I'm poor I hope I don't turn ugly.

Thank god I'm fuckin lucky. hehe