Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Hate Him x 3!!!

I went to Fitness First in *** to workout that Saturday which is not where I normally go. As I walked to the floor I saw this really hot guy working out- he was a bit short, around 5'6, chinito, fair and his body was soooper gorgeous. Just the right bulk and really chiseled. I didn't really look at him 'cause I was thinking he was probably straight as he didn't even look at me. After my routine I hit the showers and when I went to my locker I see him there changing- lo and behold our lockers were beside each other! I look at him and i caught him looking at me too! OMG his skin is super smooth and normally, I don't like fair chinito guys but he is just so hot!!! We stare eye to eye for around 5 seconds and look away. This happened around four times and on the fourth time, he smiled and I smiled back. Nobody said anything but I really felt the tension... he leaves and he comes back but there was a guard and he just pretends to check his locker if he left something.

I go to the same branch the week after- same day and same time... I see him again in the floor and again, he doesn't look at me. Our lockers were beside each other but this time, he didn't look at me even for a mere second... WTF right?!?!? Is it because he was wearing a bench sando and I was in a burberry sando? Was it because I was wearing my Prada flip flops and he was wearing Spartan flip flops?!?!

I went again today but this time I was determined... I see him again on the floor and I start a conversation with him... asked him about his workout and he just answered as a matter of fact-ly. No smile, no extra talk, nothing. What the hell is wrong I ask myself. I go on with my business and see him take a call. Right after the call he rushes to the lockers and gets out quickly. I take my sweet time as I figured he wasn't there anymore and apparently when I went out of the gym after 30 minutes, he was still outside waiting. Waiting probably for the person who called him. Hmph.

I soo hate him. I hope to see him next Saturday again though. :)


  1. kasi naman you're your sando and tsinelas is so sohal noh! :P

  2. makapag shopping na rin nga sa SM. hehe jk.


  3. Obviously naman, na-intimidate sa yo, teh. Pero had he known your true desire, aba, baka nagkatikiman na rin kayo :)

  4. baka nagpapa-hard-to-get lang. hehe! give it another try. :)

  5. naku kinausap ko na nga on the 3rd time eh... bad trip talaga! yoko na!

    this sat ulit... haha