Monday, October 25, 2010

Don Revisited

Don works in a hi-end department store as a manager. He’s not exactly good looking but you can classify him as more than average. He has this geeky look, which in a way is endearing. He’s a bit lean but one can see that he works out as he has abs.
Last Saturday was the third time that we had sex since I met him around 6 months ago. He was, as usual, pretty darn good in bed.

We have this relationship wherein we just text each other when we’re horny and when our scheds permit, we meet up and do it.
He came over at almost 2am already- both of us came from night outs. As soon as we enter my room we kiss for the longest time. He moves his tongue gently from my lips to my neck and my ear. While the whole time he’s playing with my nipples. He goes down on my chest and nibbles my nips. He starts licking my balls and shaft. He sucks me and simultaneously jacks me off. I bring his head up and I pin him down- his hands behind his head. I start to kiss and lick his underarms. I start stroking his dick. Incidentally, it’s actually pretty long. I can even say that it’s longer than mine. I start sucking him and he starts moaning. I bring up his legs to lick his glory hole. I French kiss his ass and he starts jacking himself.
I flip him over and start stroking my cock against his ass. I gently slip my cock inside him. I move my hips slowly in a rhythmic motion. I bring up his ass until he’s on fours, doggie style. I start fucking him again until I am near. I stop and then and I lie on my back to rest. He brings up my legs victory style and start entering me. He starts pumping and I am just so turned on looking at his body moving back and forth. He stops too when he’s about to come. I fuck him again; victory style too until I explode on his neatly trimmed chest.

There are just some guys that are good in bed. And he’s definitely one of them.

* I always fuck with a condom on. Took it out before cumming on his chest. Safe sex boys!


  1. i see that you got your holloween trick or treat early.

    but by the sound of it, it looks more like a treat than a trick ;)

  2. thanks for that treat!
    (hard On)