Sunday, September 5, 2010

Turning Lesbo

I had a discussion with some friends and I was saying that it's so hard to be gay. Not that I haven't come to terms about my sexuality but do we have a choice to be like this? Is it in our DNA that we like guys? Is there a choice for us not to be gay? I am actually afraid of being old and lonely. I guess this is what most gay people feel or at least have come across at one point or the other.

Obviously its going to be a challenge to get married and remain faithful and not to stray but isn't it just the same with straight guys? I mean the temptation is there for them to fool around with other girls. Ain't it just the same? It's always an effort to remain faithful be it that if you're in a hetero or homo relationship.

Is there a difference between being straight and faithful vs being gay in a straight relationship and be faithful too?

Just a thought...


  1. it's because it's too easy for gays to be promiscuous.

  2. a straight guy friend argued that it's easier for gay guys to find sex than straight guys.

    i said to him, "of course not. i'm pakipot kaya!"


  3. straight men are just as promiscuous as gay men. mas malala lang ang tingin sa atin ng mga tao kasi taboo pa din ang maging bading.

  4. Growing old and lonely is something to be faced by everyone, regardless of gender (male or female) or sexual orientation (straight, bi, gay, whatever). ALL of us will grow old; how we'll do is our choice.

    But of course, our choices is limited to that which we have control over. Having a partner is something we have no control over; one cannot "force" someone to love you. We do have control over learning to be comfortably alone. We also have control over cultivating our relationship with family members and existing friends.

    The best that we can hope for is that we learn to spot people who you can spend your life with, not necessarily as partners. Count yourself lucky if you meet people who turn out to be genuine friends.