Friday, May 7, 2010

Tonio Latino

I feel like its been ages since I last had sex when in fact the last time I did was err this morning. Haha ok maybe its not considered sex cause it was with Papi. (yes, this is another story) Before this morning it was, I think- last Wednesday. I probably feel like this cause its been ages since I last had sex with someone really hot- or had hot sex.

Anyways, I met Tonio last Monday but it wasn’t until Wednesday that we met up again to do it. Tonio is Brazilian although he’s pretty short for one- I’m even taller than him and I stand 5’8. He’s not your typical porn looking Latino- he’s almost guapo but just more than normal looking. Nothing outstanding. What I like about him is that he’s really nice- genuinely nice, and his accent- very sexy. It’s not the sexy Brit with a peach in the mouth accent but more of your Chulo gardener macho type of accent. He was a construction worker before he came over to Manila for greener pastures. He’s a bit lean, stopped working out about a year ago. We finish a bucket of beer in a bar and drive off to his place. I have to admit, we were both a bit nervous when we were sitting already on his bed. We start to kiss gently and in the middle of it he stops and tells me- ‘I am uncut ok?’ I almost laughed and just said, ‘I know, its ok’. I actually wanted to say- ‘I think I’ve been around much that nothing surprises me anymore.’ Hehe. So we continue where we left off and honestly I was so curious to see how hung he is. I rub his cock from his jocks and when he had a semi already, I pull down his jocks and start licking his balls and and sucking his cock. When it was hard already I stopped and stared at it… it was thick, but not so long- around a 7 maybe but in comparison, Moses’ cock was longer but his was thicker. Surprisingly tho it smelled good. Not that I was expecting something stinky but he did smell good. His pits, his balls, his cock- it all smelled good. He goes down on me and sucks me pathetically. Haha we end up jacking off beside each other and I just cum on his tummy. Yes, the sex was borderline lousy. I am actually killing time, as I am blogging this as we are going to meet again later tonight. He’s worth giving a 2nd chance.

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  1. damn, I think I need to take a shower ;-)