Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Hard Earned Golf Set

I got a call from papi this morning at 7am. Weird... he normally doesn't call this early. He called to say he was horny and wanted to do SOP. I literally laughed at him! I didn't know how to react until i figured out that he was actually serious. Ok, i am a professional here. No need to act the virgin. I give my moans, my ooh and ugghhs until he cums. Done.

Just the other day i was looking at the Taylor Made website and was drooling at the r9's. Just for kicks i clicked on the 'buy' button and put everything- and threw in a couple more stuff like matching golf bag, an umbrella and a pair of adidas shoes in the shopping cart. Total= $1,800++ :(. Definitely something i cannot afford now.

Are you girls thinking of what i'm thinking? Do our dirrrty little minds think alike? This is the perfect timing to make him "want to buy me' what i want!

Really perfect timing- I have a golf game in Sta. Elena on June 12. Can't wait to test drive my new golf set! ;)

Dream. Believe. Survive.

Bwahahaha i can't believe i just said that. That was so ghetto.


  1. awww! ur so high maintenance! ahaha :P

  2. golf set?

    richie rich guy cguro u

  3. @imsonotconio

    i'm so not kaya. if you read my 1st entry you'd understand. ;)