Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tonio Latino 2

Tonio is actually pretty weird. We don't get to really hangout much but we've met like 3-4 times already. We know we like each other but on my part, i'm not sure if i wanna have anything more than what we have now. He's a really nice guy but i dunno... there's something missing. i'm not closing my doors on anything yet but the prob is that he's really into me. i can handle it but apparently i don't think he can- i would get texts at 4am from him saying something like:

i don't think i can see you anymore cause im in love.

then i don't reply (obviously cause i'm in lala land)

in love with you.

and i still don't reply cause (what for?)

hi how are you?

THEN i reply.

i'm not being unfair or nor am i leading him on. i have told him that i do like him, i like hanging out with him but i think he's taking things too fast.

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