Friday, April 9, 2010

Ugly Boys

Seriously, sometimes, the ugly guys get lucky too. Marc invited me to his place cause he invited this guy who according to him, looked like a construction worker with an 8-inch cock. I was bored (ok, and horny too) and Marc assured me that the guy looks good. I go over to Marc’s and I see the guy. Damn, he is really ugly. Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit but he is ugly. I was at the edge of the bed then Marc started sucking him off. OMG- he was fucking big. I just got too curious and I strip naked and shoved his face to my cock while I jacked him off. He wanted to kiss but- hell no! I don’t want his face anywhere near mine. I made him go on all fours like an animal and shoved my cock down his throat. I made him lay on his back and started jacking him off again while he and Marc were sucking me. When he was ready to cum I aimed my cock to his mouth and we both came at the same time. Him on his navel while me, well he enjoyed my man-juice down to the last drop. Marc was being a voyeur and came as soon as we were done.

I am beginning to sound like a size queen in my stories huh? Haha damn!

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