Thursday, April 22, 2010

Temp is Rising

Finally someone as hot as the temp outside! I met up with Sean a couple of weeks back in Alabang. We just chit chatted over coffee- he was born in Manila but moved to the Netherlands when he was a kid. Very pinoy moreno looking, cute angelic face with a body of the devil! I actually felt scrawny beside him. I was an inch or 2 taller than him but his arms were 1 and a half times bigger than mine! Typical conversation- what he does here for a living and that his bf is following here for a vacation in the next month or so from back home. No one instigated anything so I just thought ok, this is just a meet up; he has a bf and so be it.

Fast forward to last Sunday, I text him how his weekend was and he replied saying it was pretty boring and he was just at home. I said why not we go out and have coffee or something. He said ok and maybe we can just hangout at his place. I honestly didn’t think of sexy time hehe as I thought he was part of the 1 out of 1,000,000,000 who probably didn’t like me. We hungout in his room, it was just so hot outside and even with the AC in full blast it was a bit warm. He said he’ll just shower for a second and when he came back he was just in shorts without his shirt on and upon seeing him I almost lwt out a screech. He was just so so hot. I take off mine too and we just lay beside each other in bed and just chit chatted the time away. I didn’t wanna make a move cause for one he had a bf and he never gave me any signs or insinuated anything- until he said that he met up with someone 2 weeks ago and they did it, he also said he thinks he needs to trim already. Ok, that’s my cue- I think I don’t need anymore subtle hints. I turn over to him and kissed him, he pushed me back and looks at me in the eye and starts kissing me back. For a split second I thought it was an oops moment. I start giving him the boytoy full service package- I licked his whole body and he started squirming with ecstasy. I bring his legs up and started licking his man hole. Oh yes he likes it. He grabs my head and sits on my face while sucking me. Sean knew what he likes and wanted. He uses the whole bed- moves from one corner to the other like a boxer. We ended with him on his back and I on my side- sucking each other from time to time while we jack off and we both cum on his 6-pack abs.

I think it was just sex- pure sex cause after showering; we were just talking again like nothing happened. Cool. I mean that’s hot.

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  1. Really hot dude..what a story to read @ work on a I have a hard on..damn lol