Friday, April 9, 2010

Definition of a FUBU Please?

What does a FUBU really mean? Does it mean that you guys are exclusive with each other minus the emotional baggage of being in a relationship? Or does it mean that you guys are just, well, fucking? There is this guy who brings it to the next level. He even calls me ‘Buddy’. Buddy short for Fuck Buddy.

M: Hey buddy! How was your weekend?
I: Pretty lame, didn’t get laid.
M: Oh, are you looking for another guy? Just tell me, its ok.
I: As a matter of fact, yes and why would it matter if I am?
M: I thought we were fuck buds.
I: Yes, we do have sex but are you assuming that we are exclusive to each other? Aren’t you supposed to be involved with someone even?
M: Well, yeah but I thought that would mean exclusivity…
I: What’s the point of being FUBU’s then? Might as well be in a relationship including the emotional baggage and drama…
M: Well I thought you said you don’t want a relationship? I’m sorry but I’m dating someone exclusively already…

(I scroll up my window, searching if I said something that might be mis-interpreted as – I love you and I want you, please be mine and only mine)
I: Yes, I don’t want a relationship with you.

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