Monday, January 18, 2010


I like Moses- we have a great time, have fun and I like his sense of humor- and he can be serious when needed. Sex is great- totally compatible when it comes to that part.

Problem is- we could be great friends- or great fubus. We're both obnoxious to each other and that's where the problem begins. When it comes to dating guys, I'm used to someone who treats me like a prince(ss). I'm used to guys at my beck and call. I'm used to guys showering me with everything. And he's NOT like that. Not at all. Do you think I just forget about having something more with him and just wait till this expires? Relationships need work, I know that but this will need huge adjustments I guess on my side. How do you know if a person is worth adjusting to what you're used to and what you're looking for? Sigh.

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