Thursday, January 7, 2010

Johnson and Johnson Heir Dead

Casey Johnson is dead... who?!?! haha that was my initial reaction though but after reading her story I kinda felt sad. Poor little rich girl (dike) who got lost somewhere along the way. Couldn't handle the stress of too much money. When she adopted a kid she said that she wouldn't spoil her like how she was spoilt.

Damn, reminded me of how it was. Gay, rich, spoiled, drugs, parties etc. (well at least her family still has TONS of $$$, on the other hand, at least I'm still breathing hehe)

I'm never the type who would have regrets but if I could change 1 thing in the past; it would be that I wish I knew how to save. My mom would say- she was able to bring us up pretty well, the only thing she didn't teach us was how to be frugal...

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