Thursday, September 3, 2009

Toronto Express

I have an old friend who just came back from Toronto.  He moved there with his wife and his son Enzo some 4 -5 years ago.  First time I met Rich he was really good looking – did a TVC for Pepsi, Moreno with really nice teeth.  Last time we saw each other was around a year ago-he gained at least 30 lbs.  Tabachoy- but still guapo.  I get a text from him saying he’s back for good and asks if I wanted to meet up in Eastwood.  We meet up, have coffee and lousy Pistachio Sansrival in Coffee Bean.  Then he asks if I wanted to see his unit in Eastwood- sure why not? We enter the 1 bedroom unit, we strip like crazy and we kiss torridly.  We jump in bed and we hump each other- dry sex.  Last year when we met up he didn’t wanna suck me but this time he did. Sarap.  We continue rubbing against each other.  We roll around the bed, the whole time dry fucking each other.  Our cocks rubbing against each other and suddenly he cums.  I jack him off until the last drop.  I didn’t cum though.  Just in case I meet up with someone else that night.  Now that I think about it, I never got the chance to check his unit out. hehe

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