Thursday, September 3, 2009

Casual Sex

I’m sure everyone has had casual sex.  But how do you define casual sex?  How open are you with it?  I think casual sex encounter is different from casual sex.  Casual sex encounter is say, you’re at the mall or gym or somewhere then you meet someone, have sex, then that’s a casual sex encounter right?  Casual sex for me is say- you have a kabarakda and then suddenly you guys just feel horny or you guys get drunk (or both), you get it on.  You don’t discuss it after.  Casual lang.  Wala lang.  My good friend Macky and I did it couple of times.  Never planned, we were just both horny I guess and sometimes drunk.  I’d never think of being with him in a deeper sense- aside from the fact that he has a bf and he’s not exactly my type.  One time we were in the car I was driving and Macky just started rubbing my cock and then when it was hard already he sucked me.  He sucks pretty good.  He sucked me till I came then swallowed my load.  He proceeded in jacking off till he came.  One time we were with some friends in Hong Kong and we shared a bed- we were pretty pissed drunk that time though.  In the middle of the night we started feeling and rubbing each other.  Of course we couldn’t do big moves or do anything that might wake the other guys up.  We kissed and just jacked each other off until we came under the sheets.  That was pretty hot.  That was casual sex.


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