Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How it began...

I got an SMS from an old friend- if he can set me up with this guy. Sure, I said- was feeling a bit horny.  I meet up with the guy- not so bad looking; he was persistent in bringing me home- to his home.  As we walk towards his car- I eye a red Ferrari. Damn.  Now I like this guy.  We go to this empty condo unit in the Fort, have sex with my future papi.  Performance level.  I always try to do my best.

He texts me the following days like a million times. Asks me out a million times.  Always the same answer- NO.  I didn't feel like doing a repeat.  I hate repeats.  Until finally I was at the Shang working out when he calls me- Dinner at Red?  No, I prefer dinner at  Shang Palace.  Good boy.

He professes how much he missed me and all that corny shit.  Come on, I'm not 14 anymore, we just met once- probably mixing the great sex with how he's feeling.

He calls me up the next day again saying he has a surprise for me.  We meet up in Coffee Bean in High Street.  Saw him from afar, walking towards me with a box, hands it over to me.  What a surprise indeed- a Mac Air.  Just what I wanted. Now I'm beginning to like this. 

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