Thursday, September 3, 2009

Size Matters

Does size really matter to you?  Do you find yourself asking your friend who’s setting you up with his other friend- ‘Cock size? Is it thick?’  I think it does matter to me even though I’m more top than bottom.   I like it big and thick.  Makes me really horny.  I like it veiny and throbbing.  I like looking at it and licking it up and down.  I actually have had sex with really ugly guys cause they claimed they have huge cocks.  When I say ugly, I mean ugly.  I was just too curious to see how monstrous their cocks really are.  I’ve been fooled a couple of times too already – Glenn claimed he had a huge cock and when I saw it- it was just average.  Even while we were doing it already he was saying- ‘do you like my big cock? You like it huh?’  Whatever.   I think he’s deranged. Fuck him, I never replied to his texts again ever.  On the other side of the spectrum, my friend Javier likes his cocks small.  The smaller the better- like a baby’s according to him.  He likes the feeling of sucking a chupon. Haha 

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