Saturday, July 14, 2012

Paris 2012

Papi and I actually just got back from Paris.  It was a short but awesome trip.  Something like a long delayed honeymoon.  hehe We were supposed to stay at the George V of Four Seasons but to my surprise, it was fully booked!  So we decided to stay in Shangri-la instead - the location was not the greatest as I normally would prefer staying near Avenue Montaigne but to our amazement - the hotel was super gorgeous.  Apparently the hotel was an old palace of one of Napoleon's nephew.  It was worth the inconvenience of the location in terms of going around the city - although looking out our window one can see the Eiffel Tower.

It was actually really nice enjoying Paris with Papi.  We sometimes held hands when walking along the streets. :)

I didn't shop much as I'm not really an Hermes or LV guy but I just got a luggage - decided on a small Rimowa - cabin size for Business Class.  Gosh, it just means I cannot be poor. Again.  Hehe Papi got a big sized Rimowa.  Matching matching hehe Funny or awkward (how you wanna look at it) because we went to pick up the Birkin of Papi's wifey.  I was thinking to myself if I were a regular mistress (a girl) I would've freaked out and went ballistic already haha

What we mostly did was eat.  More of a gastronomic trip than anything else.  Both of us has been to Paris before a couple of times albeit separately so we just went to visit our favorite sites and just bask and enjoy the city.

I love gay Paris!


  1. I love gay Paris!

    Je suis d'accord. Especially now that they've made same-sex unions legal.

  2. haha i heard! and we were there the weekend before the gay parade! sayang! not that we would join but it would have been a sight to see!