Sunday, July 8, 2012


I realized that I really love Papi for whatever reason it may be.  I am truly happy when I am with him.  He is kind, powerful, well connected, rich and generous.  Really generous.

Yes, I am used to my old life where everything was handed over to me on a silver plate.  Where work was just a 'hobby' and needn't be taken seriously.  Where a credit limit in your card was unheard of.  He gives me everything that I lost.  And then some.

It's funny how one can love someone even more as time passes by.  I dunno if its (non ending) learning to love the person or maybe just realizing how much of a great person one is.

I love him but I'm just fucking horny as hell still.

*haha I found a draft of an entry last year :

 'I am actually sick of Papi's whining already. I want it quits. I just don't know how. I have known him for more than 2 years already and…'

What a difference from how I feel and think now! haha!

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  1. What's love got to do
    Got to do with it
    What's love
    But a sweet old-fashioned notion?