Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cirque Du Soleil

I met Rolly a long time ago, he used to be a PT in Fitness First in the Middle East.  Rolly is a bit short- about 5'5, fair, with a super hot bod.  Face wise he isn't exactly my type as he is the cutie boy next door kind.  We didn't do much when we 1st met as he was top BUT small.  It was just a few months ago that I bumped into him at the mall when we started texting again.  Apparently he turned bottom a few years back.

We fixed our scheds and decided to hook up.  His body was much better now than before.  His chest was bigger and his back was really wide and he had chiseled abs.  One nice thing about him as well was his skin - it was even toned all over - down to his ass.  Rimming him was so yummy.  I position him on his back and raise his legs then I tongue fucked him and he was moaning like hell.  I dunno what came to me but I pushed his legs further back and his dick reached his face - he started licking and sucking his own dick while I kept on eating his ass.  That was so intense and hot!

I never knew Rolly was that flexible - I start fucking him in every imaginable position -over sideways and under - until we both cum together.

Although I just have to say even though he isn't exactly my type, he ranks high up there in my best fuck list!


  1. ohh... that's really hot! hehe. thanks for raising today's temperature

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