Monday, May 30, 2011

Being Rich

Is being rich the same as say, being kind or nice or being hot?

Why is it taboo to say that you love a person because he is rich? Would it be the same if someone says he loves the guy because he is hot? I guess the latter may sound shallow but not as bad sounding as saying that you love the guy because he is rich.

Isn't being rich something you can work on too like being nice? Like if you were 'bad' before and you changed for the better by whatever retreat or religion you joined and now you are 'nice'? Same as having a hot bod- you can workout and from being fat or scrawny turn into a David. AND, what is more similar is that there are no guarantees- you can work your ass off and still be poor, just like some people can join retreats everyday or be devout Christians and still be bad.

So what is wrong with falling in love or being in love with someone because he is rich?

Nothing. I love Papi because he is RICH- filthy rich.


  1. I see nothing wrong with that.

  2. as the saying goes, whatever tickles your pickle ;)

  3. love it!

    *plays Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani* in the BG