Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Surprise Guests

Last Tuesday, a ‘couple friend’ invited me to his graduation party cum orgy. We were 5 in total and they said that they were waiting for one more guy to join. So as we were drinking and probably trying to get relaxed – the other guy comes. OMG- shock of my life. It was somebody I was seriously dating 5 years ago. I saw his face and he looked like he wanted to cover his face and run. Haha. He eventually sat beside me and we did our small talk and when the ‘event’ began, we started kissing and touching each other but I guess it was still awkward and the host kinda noticed it so he got this cutie guy who I just fucked the whole night and did not mind anyone else. I guess I was a pretty bad orgy group mate. Hehe.

The real twist of the story happened when the night culminated for me. The next day, the host texted me to say that I should have stayed on cause there was this hot guy who had a really big cock who followed- according to him, the guy fucked the same guy who I fucked the whole night and to which I find out, his name is… guess who? Moses! Hahahah!

Birds of the same feather really do fuck together. Hehe.


  1. Moses...now why is that name so familiar?


  2. 'cause he's such a slut you prollly fucked with him... 2x already! hehe

  3. That might be, icarus, but I'm certain he didn't part my Red Sea. One can only hope he led me to the Promised Land.