Sunday, March 28, 2010

Freaks of Nature

How come most of the guys I meet are freaks of nature?

Moses, yes he is in the picture again like a fungus infection that can't be cured, texted me this morning -'i love you'. I wasn't even done digesting what he texted and he calls me apologizing for what he just sent and instead, says that he really really likes me. Err ok, that may be a possibility but at least it was a lot more believable compared to what he texted. He told me to text him later tonight, so I did, and guess what? I don't get a reply. Haha!

Alain on the other hand thinks he's Maria Clara reborn. I told him to come over and he replies that he'll just shower, an hour goes by and I decide to go grab lunch instead. He asks me where I am and decides to follow. If I wanted to have lunch with him, I would have invited him. A booty call is so not a lunch date.

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